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Acne or Blackheads

Pigmentation or Dark Spots

Sensitive and damaged skin 

Dehydrated and dry skin

Pigmentation, Dry and Flaky Skin and also Peach Fuzz.

Oily, pores and scarring skin type: Full Face

Mild Acne and Pigmentation

  • Pigmentation and Scarring, Half Face –R450.00.
  • Pigmentation and Scarring, Full Face – R650.00.
  • Acne Scarring (Includes Chemical Peel Treatment) –R850.00.
  • Stretchmarks Treatment- Price on Request

Similar to basic facials, assists in exfoliating dead skin cells and improves blood circulations. Our technique includes cleansing, steam with body scrub, extractions, mask and massage.

(Kindly note some treatments might need 1 or more sessions).
Treatment is subjected to consultation Fee of R200.00.  Warts – Skin Tags – Milia – Scars – Keloids.

– Neck : R1000.00
– Laugh Lines R600.00
– Glabella Lines R550.00
– Wrinkles –Full Face R1200.00
– Eye Area (Eye Bags) R650.00

Facial therapy, often referred to as facial treatments or skincare treatments, involves a variety of procedures and techniques aimed at improving the health and appearance of the skin on the face. These treatments are typically offered by our licensed estheticians and skincare professionals and can be customized to address specific skincare concerns.


It’s important to note that the specific benefits of massage can vary depending on the type of massage, the techniques used, and individual factors. Before getting a massage, it’s a good idea to consult with a qualified massage therapist.


Therapeutic Massage that helps energized the body and improves overall health and blood circulation.

Extra pressure massage that’s used to break up scar tissues and breakdown muscle adhesions

Smooth heated stones massage to help relax and ease tense muscles and ease damaged tissue throughout the body

Light relaxing and long strokes which helps with blood circulation

Massage that involves alternating between gentle and harder pressure while using a specific blend of essential oils tent.

Massage to relieve tension and sooth away stiffness around that specific areas.

Relieve tension and stiffness, promotes better circulation

Pedicure & manicure

  • Classic Manicure: 30 minutes –R150.00.
  •  Classic Pedicure: 30 minutes – R180.00

(Finish of with nail polish or buff and shine, no nails tips and gel)

  • Spa Manicure: 60 minutes –R200.00.
  • Spa Pedicure: 60 minutes – R250.00

(Includes Paraffin dip and massage and finish of with nail polish or buff and shine, no nails tips and gel)

  • Classic Mani & Pedi: 60 minutes –R280.00
  • Spa Mani & Pedi: 2hrs – R380.00
  • Buff and Shine only : 30 minutes –R120.00
  • Soak off plus buff and shine : 45 minutes – R160.00

It’s important to choose a reputable salon or spa with trained and licensed technicians such as Aeon Day Spa to ensure a safe and hygienic experience.

Proper sanitation and sterilization practices are crucial to prevent the spread of infections. Additionally, if you have specific skin or nail concerns, Our technicians  can provide you with appropriate care and recommendations.


Our Nail technicians can handle any signs of potential nail or skin problems during the treatments, allowing for early addressing issues like fungal infections.

Properly trimmed and maintained nails can reduce the risk of ingrown nails, which can be painful and lead to infections.


1. Gelish/Soft Gel: 30 Minutes
– Hands- R200.00
– Toes- R200.00

2. Hard Gel Overlay :45 Minutes
– Hands- R250.00
– Toes- R250.00

3. Hard Gel Tips: Full Set
– Colour: 1hr 30minutes – R330.00
– Art Nails: 2hrs – R400.00
– Natural: 60 minutes – R300.00
– French: 1hr 30minutes – R360.00

4. Acrylic Overlay :60 minutes
– Hands- R220.00
– Toes- R220.00

5. Acrylic Tips: Full Set
– Colour: 1hr 30minutes – R300.00
– Art Nails: 2hrs – R380.00
– Natural: 60 minutes – R250.00
– French: 1hr 30minutes – R350.00

6. Sculpture Nails: 1hr 30 minutes
– Gel – R550.00
– Acrylic – R500.00
– Short – R450.00

7. 2 weeks refill
– Gel – R200.00
– Acrylic – R180.00

1. Acrylic Tips (Combo 1)
– Colour plus Gelish Toes- R450.00
– Art Nails plus Gelish Toes-R520.00
– Natural plus Gelish Toes-R250.00
– French plus Gelish Toes- R500.00

2. Acrylic Tips (Combo 2)
– Colour plus Classic Pedi-R440.00
– Art Nails plus Classic Pedi- R500.00
– Natural plus Classic Pedi- R380.00
– French plus Classic Pedi- R480.00

3. Hard Gel Tips (Combo 1)
– Colour plus Gelish Toes- R520.00
– Art Nails plus Gelish Toes-R530.00
– Natural plus Gelish Toes-R450.00
– French plus Gelish Toes- R510.00

4. Hard Gel Tips (Combo 2)
– Colour plus Classic Pedi-R500.00
– Art Nails plus Classic Pedi- R500.00
– Natural plus Classic Pedi- R440.00
– French plus Classic Pedi- R480.00



– Eyebrow Wax: 15 minutes- R80.00
– Lip Wax: 15 minutes- R60.00
– Chin Wax: 15 minutes – R60.00
– Beard Wax:

– Full Hollywood Wax: 30/45 minutes – R280.00
– Half Hollywood Wax: 20 minutes –R220.00

– Full Leg Wax: 60 minutes – R250.00
– Half Leg Wax: 30/45 minutes –R180.00

– Full Arm Wax: 60 minutes –R200.00
– Half Arm Wax: 30/45 minutes -R150.00

– Under Arm Wax: 20/30 minutes – R180.00

  • Classic Mani & Pedi: 60 minutes –R280.00
  • Spa Mani & Pedi: 2hrs – R380.00
  • Buff and Shine only : 30 minutes –R120.00
  • Soak off plus buff and shine : 45 minutes – R160.00

NB: Waxing promotes less ingrown hairs and slows down regrowth.


It’s worth noting that while eyelashes offer some functional benefits, they are also a prominent element of beauty and personal aesthetics for many people.

Some individuals choose to enhance the appearance of their eyelashes through various cosmetic techniques, such as eyelash extensions, mascara, or eyelash serums, to achieve longer, fuller, and more dramatic lashes.


– Eyebrow tint :30 minutes – R120.00
– Eyelash tint :30 minutes – R180.00

– Individuals: 60 minutes – R500.00
– Clustered: 60 minutes –R250.00
– 2weeks refill – R150.00
– Eyelash removal – R80.00

– Microbladding – R850.00
– Follow Up – R500.00

– Day Make Up –R550.00
– Glamour Make Up – R750.00
– Bridal Package includes Eyelashes – Price on Request

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NB: All packages include lunch and welcome drinks!!!


1. Papa’s & Son’s / Mama’s & daughters –R850.00 per person
Spoil them in a different way

Package includes:
– Full Hydra boost Facial , Neck and Shoulder Massage
– Spa pedicure or Spa manicure

2. Specially for you – R750.00 per person
Create special moments and thank special people in your life in a very special way

Package includes:
– Express Facial
– Swedish Massage: 60 minutes
– Express Pedicure

3. Ladies get together (only up to 6 people)- R650.00 per person
Reward your body by having fun with loved one’s, friends, colleagues, family, etc.

Package includes:
– Express Facial
– Spa Mani and Pedi

4. Gents Package – R700.00 per person
Time to recharge with Magents

Package Includes:
– Express Facial
– Spa Manicure with Buff and Shine
– Beard Waxing

5. Pamper Me Birthday -R1200.00
On your special day, we make it extra special and memorable while you get spoiled

Package includes:
– Express Facial
– Back Cleanser with sand roller
– Aromatherapy Massage
– Classic Pedicure

6. Couples Bonding Sessions (Up to 3 Couples) –R950.00 per person
Fun moments –join together as coupes to share interest and experience

Package Includes:
– Swedish Massage
– Back Cleanse
– Classic Pedicure

7. Family connect (Up to 4 people including kids)- R450.00 per person
Quality time with family, goes a long way

Package Includes:
– Express facial , neck and shoulder massage
– Spa Manicure

8. For the two of us (2 people only) – R2000.00 per couple
An intimate session to reconnect with the one you love (specially prepared with a touch of love)

Package Includes:
– Express Facial with Mask
– Full Spa Back Cleanse
– Swedish Massage

9. Me Time (1 person)- R950.00
Relax, discover yourself and distress

Package Includes:
– Welcome Beverage – Special Tea (with calming effects)
– Aromatherapy Massage
– Basic Facial with Mask or Back Cleanse

10. After Wedding Refresher ( 2 people) –R2400.00 per couple
Little honeymoon for the two of you to refresh after the wedding

Package Includes:
– Express Facial
– Aromatherapy Massage
– Steam Room
– Classic Pedicure

11. Mom to be – R850.00 per person
We pamper them with love and care, while you prepare to welcome the new one to the real world

Package Includes:
– Express Facial
– Preggy Massage (Includes tummy wrap that helps with stretchmarks)
– Spa Pedicure


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NB: All Spa Facilities are for 15 to 3 minutes, extra time will be charged at R100.00 per 30 minutes session


Benefits: Enjoy our Jacuzzi session for relaxation that’s worth 10 jets of massages

Benefits: This therapy session will equal 4hrs of sleep. Your body will be weightless due to high amount of sault to allow body and mental relaxation. It reduces stress, chronic fatigue and soothes chronic pains including arthritis also promotes restful sleep.

– Benefits: Designed to detoxify and exfoliate the body also for body treatment using scrub, enjoy full body rain shower with pressure jets massages.

Benefits: Helps with heart health and blood circulation, relaxes sore muscles and joint pain. Improves your collagen and anti-aging benefits also reduces stress.


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